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Reindert-Jan Ekker

I'm a free-lance software educator and developer. My mission: to share the joy of programming with the world.

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but work with companies around the world and all through the Netherlands.


Open source. Python. Emacs.
Data. Machine Learning. Pandas.
Web Development. Linux.
Scrum and Agile development.

Live Teaching

I love sharing my expertise with people and helping them acquire new skills. My teaching experience includes lecturing Computer Science in higher education (HBO). Some of my current activities:

  • In 2017 I've started collaborating with several other trainers. We're working together as ColTrain, and we will be focusing mainly on Data Science and related topics.
  • I will be teaching Python for Global Knowledge at various times during 2018.
  • Another really cool thing I do for Global Knowledge is a course called Automation with Python, which is very useful, for example, for system and network administrators.
  • In collaboration with the IT Performance House, I am teaching Data Science, Java and Web Development traineeships to young professionals for Working Talent, Young Capital and IT Academy Noord Nederland.
  • And in the meantime I'm probably working on another online course..

You can of course always contact me with questions on courses. I'll be happy to offer a custom course based on your needs.


I'm a senior developer and Scrum master and available for short-term development projects. My main experience is in Java and Python. For more information about my background, please check my LinkedIn profile, or contact me directly.